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captioned by closed captioning services, inc. . it is 4:30, thank you for starting your day with us, i'm kristen sze. i'm eric thomas. first a look at election day weather forecast. >> warm waiting to vote. absolutely, very warm day that's later this afternoon. right now live doppler tracking in the way of fog in the north bay. a little more widespread thicker than it was yesterday at this time. visibility down to a quarter of a mile in santa rosa and towards napa. novato -- let's talk about what is going to happen this afternoon, another day of record setting temperatures mid to upper 70s coast mid 70s
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to near 80 bay upper 70s to mid 80s inland this is the last day. big cooling trend in the forecast, rain too but that's tomorrow. here's sue with your traffic. good morning live look at golden gate bridge, clear nobody is driving across now there is roadwork northern portion of the span should be picked up 5:30 this morning. roadwork eastbound highway 4 at loveridge shutdown, a little slow out of antioch detour in place eastbound 4 to get you off and back on the freeway. southbound 101 mill valley repaving project continues past strawberry shopping center north towards cortamadera. westbound 580 at north livermore car fire at the exit out of the freeway lanes. today is election day. americans will choose a president after the candidates campaign for a long hard year
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and a half mr. obama is in chicago after ending his campaign with a rally in iowa the state that jumpstarted his first presidential bid. he did satellite interviews no more rallies. in contrast, mitt romney is pushing his quest for the presidency to the very last minute. he rallied before supporters last night in new hampshire the state that went for him in the primaries and up for grabs. romney will vote in boston in an unusual move, he will fly to cleveland and pittsburgh to make a final appeal to working-class voters. >> vice president biden cast his ballot in delaware where he just voted with his wife. just like everybody else, the vice president stood in line for about 20 minutes, chatting it up with other voters. last night he made final pleas in virginia. >> national polls still tight,
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outcome of the presidential race is more likely to turn on which states each candidate wins, rather than the total popular vote. katie marzullo joins that story. >> reporter: this is the electoral map. we are going to have fun, do some . battleground states in yellow, you can see how the electoral votes stack up. let's say we give barack obama ohio, florida as well. he still is coming up five electoral votes shy of the 270 he's going to need that leaves him with nevada or iowa, at least new hampshire with four votes is not going do it. let's give mitt romney ohio and florida as well. he's quite a bit short still, 29. he's going to need any combination of the yellow states that are left unless he made this final push for ben pen -- for pennsylvania that
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is going to get him closer still shy leaving whim colorado. the polls are close, but the -- latest poll gives obama more of a lead over mitt romney, 50-47, as of this morning. >> aside from the presidential election the biggest issue facing california voters prop 30. the governor's tax measure to fund education. he made his final push with senator feinstein yesterday. his initiative would avoid trigger cuts by increasing taxes on high income earners and increasing the state's sales tax. he will hold a rally with supporters and head back to sacramento. amy hollyfield will have more in the next half hour. on this election day there are few more excited and dedicated than a san francisco woman who can lay claim to an
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amazing title. terry mcsweeney is live in the sunset district. >> reporter: how about the most experienced poll worker in san francisco, maybe the state, maybe the united states. we are talking about a woman who has been doing this, running polls since 1949. right now let's meet, 96-year-old alicia kennedy. she has been doing this since fdr was in office. working polling place at her home for many years she moved out here to the sunset, at 40th and irving. we asked, why do you get involved in this? she said it was a job and it paid $13 a day. in 1949 gas was a quarter a gallon. she works where voters make history she has met a few of the men who have made history, very famous names.
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>> i have a picture of some place in the house, i haven't been able to recover it with ted kennedy and i worked for ted kennedy and i worked for jfk, when he was a senator. >> reporter: that is a woman who goes back a few years. she has not only been participating in elections, she was honored some years ago for 50 years of service to the city and county of san francisco. she told us yesterday she gets up about now, 4:30 to get ready for the poll workers to come over, get things organized. she knows how to do it, she has been doing it since 1949. more on her in an hour, live in san francisco, terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. >> i think truman was president back then. >> reporter: the end of the --
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i think you are right, it was truman. i think you are right, thank you. >> no, thank you. we told you that the polling places are open back east in is a polling center in virginia you see the line waiting to cast ballots. virginia is one of the swing state fast decide today's election. president obama and mitt romney have campaigned hard in that state. abc7 news will have live team coverage of today's election. here's our schedule: special early edition of abc7 news atid2rç 3:00, live reports from the obama and romney campaign headquarters. world news will be on at 3:30. followed by live election coverage at 4:00. local results start coming in at 8:00, followed by abc news primetime coverage at 8:30, then complete results on abc7 news at 11. the moment the polls close you can get real-time results on
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we'll have live updates all night at and through twitter. new york and new jersey authorities promise voters will not be denied their right to vote, despite obstacles created by sandy. some displaced voters will be driven to polling sites, others will be allowed to vote at any polling place they can reach. yesterday new york's governor sign add executive order allowing residents to cast provisional ballots. new jersey is doing the same thing. authorities in both states say most polling places will have power except in the worst hit areas. we are following developing news out of san jose, arson investigation underway now. family living in a home was evacuated this morning, after calling 911 to report someone tried to set the house on fire. police and firefighters arrived shortly, investigators have just determined a man
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living in that home caused the fire and he is now under arrest. police say mental illness may have played a role. three marin county daycare workers facing involuntary manslaughter charges for the death of bay baby in their care the four-month-old died october 23rd, at magic place children's center in san rafael, the baby died of suffocation. investigators believe the bedding cut off the child's airway. the center's owner and two others were taken into custody. 4:39. did you enjoy the weather yesterday? >> i did it was nice. warm, but not oppressively so. let's check in with mike. very enjoyable, i hope everybody found yesterday, today going to be about the same. area of low pressure tomorrow's weather storm track
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to our north offshore wind going to bring warmth all wait out to the coast. mild as we head towards 7:00, 50s and 60s. 70s by noon. 70s at the coast upper 70s to near 80s the rest of us by 4:00, cooler weather hits this evening, 68 afternoon the bay, 72 inland. even if you are at the polls late still going to be delightful. cooling arrives tomorrow, about 12 to 14° cooler. about another six to 12° cooler thursday, thursday and friday we have to worry about wet weather, showers on the way. good morning. bay bridge toll metering lights are off, traffic light headed into san francisco, no problems upper deck as you make your way this through the tunnel. elsewhere 87 in san jose, northbound past hp pavillion
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that is -- we can see that camera now westbound -- there is 87 past hp pavillion, light. problem with car fire west 580 north livermore blocking lane of traffic san francisco northbound 280 ramp to southbound 101 closed for construction for another 15 minutes. san jose northbound 101 old oakland road big rig hit a guardrail, blocking right lane. 4:41. new developments in your right to go nude on the streets of san francisco. mystery solved, abc7 news finding a missing historic cross in the bay area.
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welcome back. here's a look at downtown san francisco clear sky, mild, 50s looks like record high temperatures again today. wait until you see how much cooler it is going to get. heading to the sierra, there's snow in the forecast. live picture from miami, florida happening right now on this election day you can see the line of people already waiting to vote. east coast three hours ahead of us, florida as you know critical state that president obama and mitt romney are fighting hard for rich in electoral votes, 29. again, people are voting already there on this day. this morning san francisco is a step closer to banning public nudity. city committee voted to recommend the board of supervisors approve a law that prohibits display of genitals
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or buttocks in public areas even though the measure would apply sty wide it is aimed at a small -- citiwide it is aimed at a small group of naked men who show up regularly in the castro district. >> this is a true expression of self. >> that doesn't mean anyone can do anything anywhere, any time, under any circumstance. there are always basic standards for our public spaces. >> nudists say the naked men are expressing them says and the city overreacting. the measure goes for a vote later this month. historic cross stolen from the mojave desert has been found here. the cross went missing two years ago. thanks to a viewer tip, abc7 news found it in san mateo county, leaned up against an off-road gate off skyline boulevard. authorities are not sure how it got there. he wasser wrecked in
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san bernardino count -- in honor of veterans killed in the war it was stolen after a long court battle over legality on public land. in 2010, the u.s. supreme court ruled the cross was legal and did not violate separation of church and state. local woman severely burned by bonfire during the world series celebrations. next, the big effort to help her recover. ugly side of superstorm sandy. how investigators say unscrupulous store owners tried to take advantage of storm victims. volunteers with oakland honored by the city. their work behind the scenes to help keep officers on the streets. >> if you have already cast your ballot through early voting you can post one of these badges to your
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look for an asterisk where we will have record highs many mainly upper 70s to mid 80s bay and inland mid to upper 70s coast. if you are traveling very cool in the great lakes into the northeast, 40s and 50s there, 50s down to atlanta, 72 dallas, 56 seattle, 61 portland. all major airports on time. a little rain around atlanta heading up the carolinas could get delays there and rain heading towards chicago. check out our flight tracker, badly burned oakland woman just now able to tell her story of the night the giants won the world series. curiosity about a bonfire drew her into a painful nightmare. >> [ unintelligible ]
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>> reporter: erika bell could barely sit for our interview the pain was too intense. >> unbelievable amount of pain many >> reporter: she has second degree burns on her arms, even her lower back. it happened the night the giants won the world series. she had been celebrating with friends. the streets were packed with fans. >> we were walking headed home, big bonfire, you can miss it, exciting to see. >> reporter: when she got closer to the bonfire, someone ran through the crowd, causing her to fall into the flames. >> at that time, i heard the crowd afternoon the bonfire go whow! >> reporter: someone called 911 she would the next week in the burn unit. more than a week after, her mother wonders where were the police? >> i'm angry, hurt for her. because in could have been prevented. there was like -- that's why we have law. >> there should have been
4:51 am
something happening, there's a fire put it out. if you can't control a crowd, athlete have people standing around to just watch -- at least have people standing around to just watch. >> reporter: she has no insurance with mounting medical bills her friends have created a page, $1,000 has been raised so far. police say they were out that night but no nothing about her injuries. police say they will be in touch with erika as soon as today. cornell bernard, abc7 news. as if picking up the pieces from sandy isn't enough residents in new york are dealing with another issue. the state attorney general is investigating 400 possible case of price gouging. new york law bans spikes in prices for food, water, gas, generators, batteries and flashlights. among items seeing a huge increase in price, bag of potatoes $3 before the storm to $7.
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box of matches, more than tripled to $10. loaf of bread, now costs $7. let's look at the more positive sides of that story. abc's day of giving, huge success at least 15 million dollars has been pledged so far. we are expecting a new update. if you donated, a big thank you. if you haven't, you can still give text abc to 90999 to give $10 automatically to the relief efforts. you can call 1-800-help-now or go online to let's see what the weather is going to be like. we are looking at san jose,
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87 heading northbound towards hp pavillion, clear, we still have fog in the north bay, live doppler showing fog is not causing issues as far as wet weather. it is dry right now. when that storm comes from the north and west, thursday we'll have it first. we have thick fog in the north bay, everybody else clear, 49 in fairfield, 65 in fremont, most of us in the 50s, san francisco warm at 61. 63 salinas, mid to upper 50s watsonville, santa cruz, 49 in gilroy. as we head into the afternoon, record highs, today is the last day, cooler tomorrow, thursday, drop about 16 to 26°, by the time we get to thursday
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afternoon, chilly showers possible thursday to a lesser extent friday. today down in the south bay 81 san jose that would be a record high. up the peninsula, 80 mountain view record high to 77 millbrae, mid 70s coast today, upper 70s downtown san francisco, over towards sausalito, 76, near 80 the rest of the north bay valleys. owes bay shore 80 hayward would be record high upper 70s to low 80s, 80 concord record high everybody around 80, mid 70s monterey, mid 80s watsonville, mid to upper 80s inland. during the evening fog going to come back to the coast where cooling sea breeze will start, it will be much cooler during the overnight hours thanks to this cool breeze coming in 40s and 50s tonight, 60s gone from the forecast.
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wednesday, air coming straight down from the arctic, thankfully not that cool this time of year, look at these high temperatures, we won't make it out of the 50s in most areas friday then in the 60s throughout the weekend. have a great day, here's sue. going live to the san mateo bridge, if your travels take you from hayward towards foster city, looks good up and over the highrise towards 101. elsewhere macarthur maze flowing nicely around whether it is 580, 88080 coming into the bay bridge toll, no metering lights everything is clear there. westbound 580 north livermore, earlier car fire blocking a lane cleared out of the lanes. westbound pardon me northbound 280 san francisco ramp to south 101 closed for the next
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few minutes. big rig in guardrail, partially blocking on-ramp to northbound 101 but cars are getting by. oakland police are giving a group of volunteers a big thank you. police chief joined more than 100 volunteers for a special ceremony last night to recognize their time and service. here's one example of dedication, 88-year-old charles johnson has volunteered in the department since 1992. among the duties, they help the department make calls for investigations and help maintain the department's facebook page. chief jordan says the help is invaluable. construction of the 49er stadium is making rapid progress. sky 7 hd was above as workers moved huge chunks of concrete into place some pieces weighed more than 17 tons. it has been about seven months since ground was broken.
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workers have installed 60% of the stadium's steel frame. outside structure on track to be finished next month. stadium set to open in time for the 2014 season. president obama and mitt romney make one last pitch to voters. next, we go live to romney headquarters boston to see how both are making their final case to the american people. san jose city council sell steps into the little saigon controversy. battle brewing over a highway sign. local cat with sticky paws. you remember him, the career change for everyone's favorite furry thief.
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